Yiayia returns: Athenos relaunches campaign


GLENVIEW, Ill. — Greek-style food brand Athenos is welcoming back its popular advertising campaign featuring yiayias, or Greek grandmothers.

Building on the success of last year's campaign, Athenos reintroduces Yiayia in new scenarios while underscoring her no-nonesense, opinionated outlook on the world:

  • "Pool Party" — An announcer interrupts pool party attendees enjoying Athenos feta on their salad. When he asks Yiayia what she thinks about the party food choice, Yiayia instead critiques their lack of clothing; and

  • "Video Chat" — An announcer interrupts a woman eating an omelet made with Athenos feta while video chatting with her husband. When he asks Yiayia what she thinks about this meal choice, Yiayia instead expresses her distaste for this nontraditional interaction.

"Yiayia and Athenos are now interchangeable," Athenos brand manager Anne Field said. "The brand's respect for traditional Greek preparation is brought to life through Yiayia's respect (and demand) for traditional ways of life. We've been thrilled with the consumer response to Yiayia and are excited to bring her to a wider audience this year."

The announcement follows a recent report that the brand would be shuttered by parent company Kraft Foods.

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