YoNaturals teams with California schools to offer healthy vending snacks, raise money for schools


SAN DIEGO YoNaturals has launched a “School Healthy Vending” campaign in California. As part of its plan to set up hundreds of vending machines in California schools, the snack maker has agreed to allow the schools to keep 100 percent of the profit from items in vending machines that meet or exceed meet and exceed SB-12 Nutrition Guidelines.

YoNaturals has said, by supplying healthy items to school vending machines, it will help in the fight to curb childhood obesity rates, as well as help schools raise money.

“Schools can choose from an enormous selection of over 200 nutritious organic and natural vending products which will appeal to students of all ages,” Mark Trotter, chief executive officer of YoNaturals said. “All vending products offered by YoNaturals have been carefully chosen to meet and exceed in many cases all State Nutritional Guidelines.”

YoNaturals already provides natural and organic beverages and snacks to about 400 schools in California.

For more information on the “Schools Healthy Vending” program, visit http://www.schoolhealthvending.com.

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