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CeraVe’s new campaign highlights importance of year-round moisturization

The #MoistureizeLikeaDerm campaign aims to educate mass audiences about the importance of year-round body moisturization.

There’s a new campaign from CeraVe designed to educate mass audiences about the importance of year-round body moisturization.

The #MoisturizeLikeaDerm initiative will focus on social content with brand advocates and skinfluencers that make dermatologist education more accessible and engaging to drive consumer education, the company said.

Recently, CeraVe conducted a global survey of 54 dermatologists in 2022 that found 90% of respondents agree that moisturizing the body is essential for overall skin health. Yet more than 1 in 3 dermatologists believe that people prioritize their facial skin care over their body skin care.

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“As a leading therapeutic global skincare brand, CeraVe is always seeking new ways to educate consumers around the globe on dermatologist-approved skin care and how CeraVe can be used as an essential step in properly caring for skin from head to toe,” said Gene Colón, global senior vice president, medical relations and communications for CeraVe at L’Oréal. “Collaborating with diverse trusted partners to make the science behind the brand digestible for a mass audience gives CeraVe an opportunity to drive education to all, and amplify our mission to provide therapeutic skincare for all people.”

The brand collaborated with dermatologist and TikTok content creators Dr. Muneed Shah and Zach King to highlight the importance of body moisturization that would grand the attention of TikTok users.

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“A proper skincare regimen for the whole body – not just the face – is very important no matter the skin type or time of year but is often overlooked by patients,” said Dr. Sugai. “Neglecting body skincare can lead to an impaired skin barrier, which makes skin susceptible to concerns like dermatitis and flareups of existing conditions like eczema, psoriasis and body acne. I always recommend my patients moisturize daily, especially after showering while skin is still damp, with products that contain barrier-restoring ingredients like the three essential ceramides found in all CeraVe moisturizers.”

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