Chobani Probiotics features immunity-supporting yogurts, beverages

Chobani is looking to help fans of its products with their immune health.

To tackle that issue, the brand is unveiling its new Probiotics line, which consists of probiotic yogurts and drinks, as well as kids pouches, shakes and non-dairy functional beverages.

In addition, Chobani also is adding several new offerings to its Oat Zero Sugar line and welcoming two new Oat Coffee Creamers.

Created with a diverse blend of probiotic strains that aim to benefit the immune, digestive and gut health, Chobani Probiotic and Little Chobani Probiotic contain strains of LGG, L. Acidophilus, Bifidus and L. Casei, the company said.

Made with non-GMO ingredients and without the use of artificial sweeteners, preservatives, starches or artificial flavors, launches include:

  • Probiotic Yogurt Cups, which come in blueberry, vanilla, strawberry and peach flavors;
  • Probiotic Yogurt-Based Drinks, which are available in raspberry acai, blueberry pomegranate, and passion orange guava varieties;
  • Little Chobani Probiotic Drinks, which come in strawberry and cookies and cream flavors;
  • Little Chobani Pouches, which are available in strawberry banana, mixed berry and strawberry and grape varieties.
  • Coffee Creamer Flip Edition, available in almond coco loco inspired, it is made from farm-fresh cream, natural chocolate, coconut and almond flavors;
  • Coffee Creamer S’mores Flavored, which is a limited-batch made from farm-fresh cream, and natural ingredients;
  • Flip Chocolate Trifecta, which is a chocolate low-fat Greek yogurt with double chocolate fudge, chocolate brownies and chocolate cookies;
  • Flip Peppermint Perfection, which is a limited-batch of vanilla low-fat Greek yogurt that contains dark chocolate cookies, peppermint chunks and dark chocolate;  
  • Layered Greek Yogurt Spiced Hot Chocolate, which is a vanilla spiced yogurt that sits atop a layer of chocolate on the bottom; and
  • Layered Greek Yogurt Raspberry Chocolate, which is a limited-batch of vanilla chocolate chip low-fat Greek yogurt with raspberry on the bottom.

“Today we’re in four exciting growth categories, adding delicious nutritious new oat milks, creamers, and functional beverages to our expanded yogurt portfolio,” Peter McGuinness, president and COO of Chobani said. “But even as we expand into new categories, it's always in addition to a strong and growing dairy based yogurt business. There’s no question that the importance of immunity has taken on new meaning in these times and that's why so many of our foods and drinks have benefits of probiotics to support immunity, digestive and gut health.”