Cocomels coats coconut milk caramel bites in dark chocolate

There’s a new addition to Cocomels’ chocolate-covered bites line.

The latest addition to the brand’s roster are the organic crispy chocolate-covered bites.

Featuring a chewy coconut milk caramel center, the treat is covered in 60% dark chocolate that has been tossed with organic crisped quinoa, the Boulder, Colo,-based company said.

“In an effort to make Cocomels even more snackable and irresistibly poppable, I added crisps and crunch to the chocolate in our chocolate-covered bites,” JJ Rademaekers, Cocomels founder and chief candy officer said. “We tested a range of puffed grain options and found that crisped quinoa delivers the ideal crunch we were trying to achieve, while also maintaining the organic, non-GMO, gluten-free and vegan-friendly standards that are so important to us. I say this with every new item we develop, but I do truly believe consumers won't be able to get enough of these new crispy bites.  We had to hide the samples from our teammates because they kept disappearing!”

Like other products from the brand, this newest launch is free from dairy, gluten, GMOs, corn syrup and cholesterol, as well as vegan friendly, the company said.

“The rich, deep flavor of caramel along with its signature chew can make it feel less snackable at times,” Rademaekers said.  “Balancing the flavor and consistency with chocolate and crunch, we believe, takes it to a much more snackable space.”

Available in 3.5-oz. packs that retail for $4.99, Cocomels’ crispy chocolate-covered bites can be found online at and The treats will roll out to select grocery chains and independent retailers during the fall.