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CRN video series looks to demystify supplement industry

The Council for Responsible Nutrition is rolling out a new video series focused on breaking down dietary supplement industry topics for a non-industry audience. The “4 Things to Know” series features CRN experts offering concise explanations of topics that are central to the supplement industry. 

“Industry issues can get complicated quickly,” said Brian Wommack, CRN’s senior vice president of communication. “The new series drills down to the basics using short, digestible videos to help a broader range of audiences understand how industry issues affect them.”

So far, CRN has released two videos — most recently a video on probiotic dietary supplements featuring Andrea Wong, CRN’s senior vice president of scientific and regulatory affairs. The first video released features CRN president and CEO Steve Mister outlining the organization’s stance on age restrictions for dietary supplements, including its opposition to state regulations that have sought to limit access to sports nutrition and weight management products by age. 

“Stakeholders supporting proposals on age restrictions for dietary supplements may not realize that these products are already well-regulated federally. Additional restrictions might actually increase risks for young people,” Wommack said. “CRN’s short video addresses that concern and suggests what might be more effective in keeping youth—and all supplement users—safe.” 

Future topics will include third-party supplement certification, mandatory product listing, sports nutrition and supplement use for nutritional shortfalls, among others. Videos are released via CRN’s website


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