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CVS Health to reportedly trademark pharmacies, clinics in metaverse

CVS Health is seeking to patent its stores and sales of virtual goods, including prescription drugs, wellness, beauty and personal care products in the metaverse, according to a report.

CVS Health is reportedly setting its sights on the metaverse.

The company has filed an application with the U.S. Patent Trade Office to trademark its logo and provide an online store, as well as downloadable virtual goods, including  prescription drugs, health, wellness, beauty and personal care products in the metaverse, according to a CNBC report

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The application, which the company filed on Feb. 28, was made public on March 4 via the U.S. Patent Office website, according to the report. 

In addition, CVS Health plans to bring the health services it provides both in the in-store clinics and telehealth platform to the virtual setting. In the filing, the company highlighted providing nutrition and wellness coaching, “namely, nonemergency medical treatments services, wellness programs, advisory services related to nutrition, providing health lifestyle and nutrition services … and counseling,” the report noted.

The report also shared that trademark attorney Josh Gerben said there has been a flurry of corporate metaverse filings since Facebook announced it was changing its name to Meta.

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“All these Fortune 500 companies are making trademark filing with the idea of ‘How are we going to play on this platform?’” said Gerben, a founding partner of Gerben Perrott law firm. But, he added, “I don’t think I’ve seen anything in the last couple of months that’s been like this CVS filing as a virtual healthcare clinic.”

CVS Health said the trademark filing is another way in which the company is looking to meet consumers where they are, even in the metaverse. the report said.

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“We’re regularly looking at new and innovative ways to engage consumers through a digital-first, technology-forward approach,” said a CVS spokespersonn in a statement to CNBC. “We will continue to explore these and other options to improve the consumer experience and launch new consumer-centric services.”

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