CVS Pharmacy reports consumer satisfaction with its ‘Tested to Be Trusted’ program

Sandra Levy
Senior Editor
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CVS Pharmacy has received positive consumer feedback for its “Tested to Be Trusted” program, which requires third-party testing of all vitamins and supplements sold in store and online to confirm the accuracy of the dietary ingredients listed on the supplement facts panel and to confirm that they are free from certain additives and ingredients.

The program was launched last  May with 1,400 vitamins and supplements from 152 brands across 11 categories, including diet and nutrition, as well as pain and digestive. At the time, 7% of eligible products failed testing and were reformulated, relabeled or removed from stores and Just over a year later, nearly 100 new national and up-and-coming brands, as well as 450 new products, are now covered by the standards.

Customer feedback has been overwhelmingly positive, with surveys showing that the program contributed to increased confidence in CVS Pharmacy as a trusted health-and-wellness destination by nearly 10% among wellness-focused shoppers, CVS Health said.

Many of the new products being tested are from the company’s exclusive store brand lines, including its flagship CVS Health brand and the recently expanded Live Better by CVS Health line. Additionally, CVS has implemented testing frequency requirements for vitamins and supplements sold in stores and online so that customers know that these products will continually be held to the high standards of the program.

“When we first announced our ‘Tested to Be Trusted’ program, it was seen as an unprecedented move in the health-and-wellness retail space,” said Norman de Greve, chief marketing officer at CVS Health. “We worked hard with our healthcare and marketing teams, along with key partners, to create something truly groundbreaking and tell the world about it. Now, just one year later, as customers continue to be focused on their overall health and wellness, specifically supporting their immune system, we’re proud to say that they can remain confident that CVS is putting their health and wellness first by providing the highest quality vitamins and supplements.”

Following the rollout of “Tested to Be Trusted,” CVS Pharmacy saw a boost of more than 14 times growth in share across the vitamins and supplements category, illustrating the important role transparency plays in consumers’ decisions about where to purchase these types of health-and-wellness products, and proving that improving the health of customers can help your bottom line in the process.

Most recently, CVS Health earned accolades with the receipt of a Bronze Effie Award, a pre-eminent honor recognizing omnichannel programs that go beyond traditional advertising, public relations and marketing efforts, to create measurable impact on global brands and its partners.