Earth Mama Organics’ herbal body care line adds hand sanitizer

Earth Mama Organics’ line of herbal body care products has a brand-new hand hygiene offering — Lavender Hand Sanitizer.

“Pandemic or not, we know it’s best to always wash hands with water and soap for 20 seconds,” Melinda Olson, founder and CEO of Earth Mama Organics. “Hand hygiene works. But sometimes, you can’t wait for soap and water. So Earth Mama manufactured a sanitizer that pregnant and breastfeeding women can feel comfortable using—as well as the whole family.”

Formulated according to guidelines set in place by the Food and Drug Administration, the hand sanitizer is made up of 80% alcohol, is free of methanol and 1-propanol, and also contains glycerin to ensure hands are left feeling less dry, the Clackamas, Ore.-based company said.

Consisting of organic herbal products for pregnant and breastfeeding women, Earth Mama Organics’ products — including the new hand sanitizer — are formulated without toxic chemicals and without the use of denaturants, the company said.

“Your best bet is simply to be aware, and find a brand you can trust,” says Olson. “These days, we’re all trying to stay healthy, and hand hygiene is a big part of that. But putting additional toxins in our system in the name of trying to stay safe—multiple times a day—defeats the purpose. Make no mistake: the body is an extraordinary machine. But why make your body work harder than it already does?”

Retailing for $4.99, Earth Mama Organics’ Lavender Hand Sanitizer is available at and