Enhanced Recovery targets rapid muscle recovery

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Enhanced Recovery targets rapid muscle recovery


Enhanced Recovery is looking to shake up the sports drink aisle.

Created with a formula that aims to give athletes a more rapid and complete muscle recovery post-workout or competition, it features a combination of such ingredients as 16000 mg of omega 3s, 20 g of protein, as well as carbohydrates, vitamins D and E and natural antioxidants.

“Taken consistently, Enhanced Recovery is an ideal post-workout routine for runners, cyclists, triathletes and other endurance athletes,” Harry Drnec, CEO of Enhanced Recovery said. “We look forward to getting this revolutionary product into the hands of athletes everywhere who are pushing the boundaries of their training, so they can experience the benefits for themselves.”

Researched and invented by Janne Sande Mathisen, a food and nutrition scientist from Oslo, Norway, the beverage also contains nine amino acids that aim to activate and maintain muscle protein synthesis, which is responsible for repairing and building muscle, the company said.

“This ground-breaking entry into the sports recovery market represents an entirely new category in the sports nutrition industry,” Phil Marineau, chairman of Enhanced Recovery said. “Enhanced Recovery addresses a more complete recovery process. Uniquely, it supports the critical final step in the muscle recovery process — muscle repair and remodeling.”