Enlightened debuts sugar-free chocolate syrup

a bottle of wine and a glass of beer on a table

Enlightened is looking to help those with a major sweet tooth cut down on the sugar.

New from the brand is its Sugar-free Chocolate Syrup, which a low-carb take on the topping that contains 12 g of net carbs and 10 g of sugar, the company said.

“You can’t have a classic ice cream sundae without a little chocolate syrup on top,” Enlightened CEO and founder Michael Shoretz said. “We’re thrilled to offer a zero-sugar option that doesn’t compromise on taste or texture, two aspects that are so important when it comes to chocolate syrup. Now, we have everything you need to build an ideal ice cream sundae — a cone, a scoop of creamy ice cream, a handful of dough bites and a drizzle of syrup — with way less sugar.”

Consumers can find Enlightened’s Sugar-free Chocolate Syrup online at and at such retailers as Whole Foods Market, Sprouts, Pavilions, Albertsons and Fresh Thyme in the coming months.