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Eosera introduces Earbud Cleaning Kit

Ear care pioneer Eosera is bringing a new offering to market meant to help keep earbuds clean. The Fort Worth, Texas-based company has rolled out its Earbud Cleaning Kit meant to sanitize and clean earbuds and AirPods.

Each kit contains 30 squares of cleaning putty, 10 sanitizing alcohol wipes, a magnifying glass and two delicate brush heads. The kit comes in a specially designed storage container meant to be easily reusable and durable for travel and storage.

Eosera CEO Elyse Dickerson said that the product came from a need to clean increasingly popular earbuds, in particular wireless earbuds — and the buildup of wax, dirt, debris and germs that accompany frequent use. “The Earbud Cleaning Kit is a game-changer for how you interact with that technology,” Dickerson said.  

The Earbud Cleaning Kit launched on Eosera’s EarCareMD website on Nov. 2, and is set to hit and select CVS Pharmacy stores nationwide in December.

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