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Fairlife’s frozen desserts make their debut


Fairlife is expanding its offerings with a brand-new line consumer are sure to scream for.

In partnership with Boardwalk Frozen Treats, the Chicago-based company is unveiling a new collection of frozen desserts.

The fairlife Light Ice Cream line, made from ultra-filtered milk, contains a creamy texture, is lactose-free and comes in seven flavors — vanilla, chocolate, cookies and cream, chocolate peanut butter, double fudge brownie, java chip and mint chip.

Depending on the flavor, each has between 8 to 9 g of protein and about 40% less sugar than traditional ice cream, the company said.

“It's an honor to work with Boardwalk Frozen Treats, a company with extensive experience in the sales, marketing, and distribution of national ice cream brands. Our partnership with them allows us the opportunity to explore the world of frozen desserts,” Tim Doelman, the chief executive officer at fairlife, said. “So many of our fans have requested this. And as much as we will miss their homemade videos, fan fiction commercials, and other creative proposals for fairlife ice cream, we are thrilled to finally give fairlife consumers what they want. A line of tasty light ice creams that consumers can enjoy. Our light ice cream has either a third the calories, or half the fat, of traditional ice cream, or in some cases both. We hope to change the perception that frozen treats with improved nutritional profiles don't taste as good as traditional ice cream, especially for the 76% of consumers who make an effort to eat healthy.”

In addition, the line is crafted with natural flavors, does not contain artificial preservatives or colors, and contains milk from cows that have been raised without artificial growth hormones, the company said.

“Consumers see ice cream as an indulgent treat. Many are intrigued and excited by frozen dessert options with less sugar but are skeptical that they can also taste good,” David Owens, the chief executive officer at Boardwalk Frozen Treats, said. “However, fairlife is a pioneer in the dairy industry. They have consistently introduced a variety of innovative milk-based products that have nutritional attributes consumers are seeking AND taste great. Our team was eager to work with fairlife because we knew the new line of light ice creams would be no different. We are proud to be aligned with fairlife as they make this leap into the world of ice cream, a major milestone for their company.”

Consumers can find fairlife’s ultra-filtered ice cream in 14-oz. containers that retail for $4.98 at Albertsons, Food Lion, Harris Teeter, Hy-Vee, Jewel-Osco, Raley’s Supermarkets, Safeway, Save Mart Supermarkets, Vons, Walmart and WinCo. The company is working to expand distribution to additional grocery, retail and convenience stores throughout the nation.

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