Febreze freshens fabrics with Unstopables Touch Fabric Spray

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Febreze is looking to help users of its products keep their homes smelling fresh.

To accomplish that goal, the brand is rolling out its latest innovation — Unstopables Touch Fabric Spray.

“We know that soft surfaces provide the perfect long-term home for odors, which is why so many people use fabric refresher products to tackle bad smells,” said Angelica Matthews, senior brand director at Febreze. “We decided to see if we could use the odor-trapping nature of soft surfaces to our benefit, by designing a product that gets into soft surfaces to eliminate odors, then leaves a long-lasting freshness behind that can be experienced over and over again.”

Formulated to combine odor elimination properties with touch-activated scent technology, the product aims to store scent in fabrics while also releasing a burst of freshness with every touch up to 100 times, the Cincinnati-based company said.

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The spray was designed to be used on soft surfaces and hard-to-wash fabrics including pillow, carpets, entry rugs, bedding, curtains and gym bags.

“When talking with our consumers about the benefits of fabric refresher, we found that people loved our odor elimination technology but were craving longer lasting scent,” Juan Flores, consumer insight leader at Febreze said. “That’s where Febreze Touch comes in! Developed with breakthrough touch-activated scent technology, it delivers a great scent experience long after you spray it. Imagine sitting on your couch or walking across your rug days, even weeks after spraying and still being greeted with a burst of freshness. It’s the gift that keeps on giving!”

To celebrate the launch of its new innovation, Febreze has partnered with none other than Lis Vanderpump on a limited-edition line of pillows inspired by the new scents of the collection — breeze, fresh and paradise.

The Touch ‘n Sniff pillows will be available on a first-come, first-serve basis online at, and Febreze Touch Fabric Spray is currently available for purchase online and at retail stores nationwide.