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Florajen debuts Florajen Eczema

Probiotic maker Florajen is unveiling its first product focused on skin health. The Chattanooga, Tenn.-based company is rolling out Florajen Eczema, a refrigerated medical food designed to help reduce the severity of atopic dermatitis that the company said has been shown to be effective in a clinical trial. 


The National Eczema Association estimates that the condition affects more than 31.6 million Americans, including 20% of children. Consumers often use topical steroids and immunosuppressants to treat eczema.

Florajen said a clinical trial showed Florajen Eczema, when taken daily, was able to improve the symptoms of redness, itchiness and inflammation. The double-blind trial saw more than 90% of participants taking Florajen Eczema saw clear or almost clear skin in 12 weeks, an 83% reduction in eczema severity and a 28% reduction in the number of days they used a topical steroid to treat the condition. 

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"So many of my patients with eczema — both adults and children — often have to rely on multiple forms of treatment to manage their symptoms of itchiness and redness, and not always options they feel good about putting on or in their bodies," said Dr. Marisa Garshick, a New York dermatologist and a Florajen Skin Care Specialist. "I'm thrilled that those who suffer from eczema now have a new and simplified option to turn to with Florajen Eczema. This daily probiotic has been shown to provide long-term relief while reducing symptoms and improving the overall quality of skin."

The company noted that Florajen Eczema is meant to be taken under medical supervision. It is sold in packet form and can be mixed into a cold or room-temperature food or non-carbonated drink, and can be used by anyone six months old and older. The product is designed to be refrigerated and is under the company’s Cold Chain Commitment, which ensures it is refrigerated from manufacture to the point of sale to ensure cell counts remain potent and consistent. 

Florajen Eczema has debuted on Amazon, at Walgreens and in independent pharmacies. It has a suggested retail price of $39.99 for a 30-packet box. 

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