Focused on addressing real consumer health needs

Haleon completes its demerger from GSK to focus solely on consumer health.

GSK spun off its over-the-counter products business to launch Haleon, an independent entity totally focused on consumer health. The company said the newly listed business is driven by its purpose to deliver better everyday health with humanity. It noted that it will continue to develop category-leading brands that address real consumer health needs while focusing on future innovation across its entire portfolio.

Here, Rachel Marler, chief customer officer, U.S. at Haleon, shares the reasons behind making Haleon a standalone company and what’s in store for the spin-off.

Drug Store News: Why did GSK create Haleon? 
Rachel Marler: GSK outlined the plan to separate back in 2018, with the strategic rationale to realize the Consumer Healthcare division’s growth potential and unlock the value inherent within the business. In establishing Haleon as an independent company as of July 18, 2022, we have created a new world leader, 100% focused on consumer health, which is an incredible opportunity for us.  

At a time when consumer interest in health and wellness and proactive self-care are more top of mind than ever before, combined with an aging population, increased pressure on our healthcare systems and sizeable unmet consumer needs, the launch of Haleon as an independent, standalone company, 100% focused on consumer health, is highly significant.

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rachel marler headshot
Rachel Marler, chief customer officer, U.S. and head, Americas commercial excellence, Haleon

DSN: What can retailers expect from the new Haleon spinoff?
RM: Our launch as Haleon is not only an exciting and inspiring journey for us, but it is also fortuitous for our customers and consumers. The recent pandemic has further ascertained what we already knew: that health is foundational for both individuals and society as a whole. The pandemic has also changed the role retailers play in consumers’ health. 

When we look at this rapidly evolving consumer and retailer landscape through the lens of our launch as a standalone, 100% focused on consumer health company, we have a compelling value proposition to bring to our partners. 

What do I mean by that? Separation from GSK means we can adopt a more agile consumer focus on bringing products to market. We have resources dedicated entirely to the consumer health business — investments for innovation, M&A and capabilities to evolve our portfolio further as we prepare for the future. As a true consumer health company, we have the advantage of being 100% focused on health and wellness, with enough scale to drive growth, while many of our competitors are attached to pharmaceuticals or multicategory businesses.   

And as one of the largest consumer health companies globally, touching 1.5 billion consumers globally, we have keen insights into consumers and shoppers, creating growth opportunities for our partners and the industry. 

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DSN: Where does Haleon see itself in three years?    
RM: Haleon is single-mindedly focused on improving everyday health. It’s all we do. For billions of people, every day, in every corner of the U.S., of the world.  

We combine decades of scientific and human understanding with the energy and ambition of being a new company and the desire to change everyday health for good. 

And, in our region, we are starting with a strong record of performance. Not only do we have leadership in our five major categories: oral health, VMS, pain relief, respiratory and digestive health with brands such as Sensodyne, Emergen-C, Centrum, Advil, Robitussin and Tums; we have a clear strategy to deliver sustainable growth as we move forward. We have proven capabilities in brand building, innovation and leveraging healthcare experts — and now, we aim to take all of this to the next level. 

As a company committed to improving everyday health, we will strongly focus on ESG, tackling the environmental and social barriers and driving health inclusivity. We aim to empower 50 million people annually by 2025 and include them in opportunities for better everyday health. So, e.g., you will see us nurturing brands with purpose as we move forward.

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