Friska debuts with focus on gut health

David Salazar
Managing Editor
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A new health-and-wellness brand is looking to go big on gut health. Friska has launched with 10 dietary supplements, each of which is anchored by the brand’s own blend of digestive enzymes and a clinically proven probiotic. 

Founded by former Target merchandising exec John Peine, Friska is focused on highlighting the importance of digestive enzymes, which perform such functions as breaking down food, eliminating toxins and building muscle, as well as facilitating the conversion of carbs into energy, among other functions. 

“Friska was inspired by my personal desire to help others improve their health,” Peine said. “After experiencing my own health scare I began researching enzymes and probiotic spores as a way to improve gut health. Having spent over a decade in the retail industry, I knew that the solution had to be easy and the product has to work."

The company also worked with gastroenterologist Dr. Gregory Bernstein to help develop the products. “Now, more than ever, we are increasingly aware of the essential role of a healthy gut. This includes proper nutrition, a balance of good gut bacteria and optimal digestive enzyme function,” Bernstein said. “Digestive Health is key not only in feeling good but also to help prevent the development of various infections by boosting your body’s natural immunity. Additionally, a healthy gut helps prevent and manage a variety of medical conditions, ranging from diabetes to depression and so much more.”

The full line of products includes:

  • Immunity Boost, meant to help break down food and support the body's immune system; 
  • Mood Boost, designed to break down carbohydrates, proteins, and fats while boosting mood, memory, and sleep;
  • Energy Boost, meant to help break down and digest carbohydrates, fats, and proteins, it also contains Purcaf organic caffeine  from organic green coffee beans to promote good gut bacteria and digestive movement while stimulating memory and concentration;
  • Nightly Reboot, which is meant to facilitate food breakdown and promote healthy digestion alongside melatonin and chamomile to encourage rest and relaxation;
  • Dairy Ease, designed to help break down hard-to-digest sugars and proteins found in dairy;
  • Carb Ease, meant to help break down complex carbohydrates;
  • Keto Boost, meant to help break down and process food while boosting the body’s natural immune function, it also contains anti-inflammatories aloe vera and amla extract— to help soothe symptoms associated with a ketogenic diet, like heartburn and constipation;
  • Gluten Ease, designed to help break down hard-to-digest proteins and carbs in gluten-containing foods, it contains marshmallow root, ginger root, and fennel seed powder to help with gluten-sensitivity symptoms;
  • Women’s Daily, with cranberry extract, biotin, and vitamin D; and
  • Men’s Daily, which includes lactase to help break down the sugar found in dairy products, as well as vitamins B6 and B12.    

“Friska was born out of my own belief that good health is for everyone,” Peine said. “Whether you are just starting your wellness journey or you are an accomplished wellness warrior, these innovative products will help you along the way.”

The brand already has launched at CVS Pharmacy and Whole Foods, as well as on the CVS website and Amazon. Products retail for $29.99.