Gaia Herbs’ plant-based respiratory line aims to aid lung health

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Gaia Herbs’ plant-based respiratory line aims to aid lung health


Gaia Herbs is unveiling a new line of products meant to aid users with respiratory support.

Consisting of three plant-based products, each is made with clean and pure ingredients free of chemical fertilizers, pesticides and genetically modified ingredients. They also are vegan and free of dairy, gluten and soy, the Brevard, N.C.-based company said.

“With poor air quality due to wildfires across the West and other environmental pollutions, as well as COVID-19 cases continuing to climb, we have seen a heightened focus on respiratory health this year. For all of these reasons and more, people are increasingly seeking plant-based, natural wellness solutions to help support their lung health," said Angela McElwee, president and CEO of Gaia Herbs. "For over 30 years, Gaia Herbs has been a trusted herbal brand connecting people, plants and planet to create healing. We are thrilled to use our expertise in developing safe, trusted and efficacious herbal products, utilizing traditional herbal wisdom combined with the latest modern scientific expertise to create our new line of respiratory health products, especially at a time when lung health is so important.”

The new launches include:  

  • Mighty Lungs, which supports healthy lung function, features a blend of adaptogenic and respiratory herbs as mullein, plantain, schisandra and elecampane;
  • Sinus Comfort, containing such herbs as yarrow, plantain, bayberry and nettle, aims to help users maintain their sinus health; and
  • Black Seed Oil, a single-herb extract that looks to help lungs work optimally and efficiently, as well as maintain the respiratory system.

“Our new formulas provide effective, plant-based support before and during a respiratory challenge, and also help people maintain lung health all year long,” McElwee said. "Like all Gaia Herbs’ products, consumers can have confidence that our newest products are assured for purity, potency and integrity, and that each ingredient has been either grown with care on our certified organic farm in North Carolina or ethically and sustainably sourced from our trusted farm partners, ensuring the highest quality products to help people stay healthy.”

Gaia Herbs’ new product line is available online at The company has plans to expand its distribution to natural and health foods stores across the nation in November.