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GNC looks to the new year with health and wellness trend predictions

DSN spoke with Rachel Kreider, senior director of technical product and content design at GNC, about the biggest health and wellness trends for 2023.

With 2023 right around the corner, more consumers will be making New Year’s resolutions and other initiatives to improve their health outlooks for the year.

Retailers are prepping their stores to carry exactly what shoppers want and keeping an eye out on the latest health and wellness trends.

That's why Drug Store News spoke with Rachel Kreider, senior director of technical product and content design at GNC, to get a better understanding of what is on the horizon for the new year.

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Drug Store News: What are the biggest changes in the health and wellness space from 2022 to 2023?
Rachel Kreider: The approach to immune health has experienced an incredible change. For many consumers, it’s now about creating a holistic approach with ongoing maintenance versus targeted product use. It’s part of a bigger mindset shift with many seeing the importance – and value! – of creating routines that are centered on long-lasting wellness. We expect to see that continue in 2023.

DSN: What trends are consumers dumping in the new year?
RK: Consumers are waving goodbye to being embarrassed about discussing what historically could be sensitive health topics. They’re more open and willing to embrace open conversations — and product solutions — to support gut health, vaginal health and sexual health. We see that as an opportunity to produce more targeted solutions that are easier to find.

DSN: How has the category shifted in the last year? Is the market expected to grow more than expected?
RK: We’ve seen a few shifts in the category:

  • Weight management – I think we’ll continue to see shifts to a wellness approach to weight management that focuses on a healthy relationship with food and using targeted tools as needed.
  • On-the-go – Access to quick and healthy meals and snacks will also continue to be of interest. Everyone is busy and looking for ways to incorporate healthy foods without taking too much time, so bars, shakes, snacks and quick meals like Real Eats are expected to grow.
  • Holistic solutions – Leading up to and throughout 2022, keto was very popular. Now, we’re seeing more of a focus on a reduction of sugar and carbs. It’s about creating a wellness lifestyle, less regimented.

DSN: What gaps in the space are consumers looking to be addressed in the new year?
RK: Searches for beauty from within solutions are trending and I expect interest to continue. I hope to see ingredient research expand to surface better solutions with proven benefits over the next couple of years.

Convenience also continues to play a key role in what consumers expect to see addressed. We want to bring unique solutions to our consumers in the ways in which they like to shop – whether it’s in a GNC store or online at – and we’ve got great teams dedicated to bringing these solutions to life.

DSN: What products, ingredients and category trends have seen a resurgence in the last 12 months and are going to stay on trend for 2023?
RK: We continue to see the importance of gut health (including pre, pro and postbiotics) grow and expect that trend to continue in 2023, though it may be at a slower clip. The gut health category is being fueled by new interest in postbiotics, continual learnings about the gut microbiome and the omnipresence of gut health claims even on popular beverages.

In addition, mental health — with benefits spanning from focus and cognition, stress management and even trying to beat COVID-brain — will continue to expand. We need more research on ingredients that can provide true stress and focus solutions that are easy to fit into a routine.

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