Goli Nutrition debuts Women’s PMS Relief Gummies

To launch its new gummies, the brand is debuting a campaign that celebrates PMS through a musical approach.
Goli Nutrition Women’s PMS Relief Gummies

Goli Nutrition is rolling out its new Women’s PMS Relief Gummies with a campaign to match.

Made with ingredients like chasteberry to help relieve mood swings, irritability and breast tenderness, it also contains dong quai and dandelion root extracts and vitamin B6. 

“We want to change the way women view a topic that tends to be uncomfortable to speak about,” said Goli Nutrition’s vice president of brand, Katie Power. “We always aim to make health simple and we aren't shy about trying to break the stigma around women's premenstrual health.”

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The “PMS Relief, Period” campaign that accompanies the launch of the new product seeks to change womanhood by celebrating PMS through a musical approach that adds humility and drama to an otherwise humorless topic, the company said.

Goli Nutrition’s Women’s PMS Relief Gummies are available for purchase online.

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