Halo Top goes fruity via frozen pops line

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Halo Top is adding some fruity flavors to its lineup.

The frozen sweets brand is unveiling its newest innovation — Fruit Pops.

Created with real fruit and fruit juice, the line is available in five different flavors, and start at just 35 calories per serving, the Le Mars, Iowa-based company said.

“At our core, Halo Top is here so fans can feel empowered to choose a treat that makes them feel good,” said Chelsea Parker, Halo Top’s senior marketing manager. “We knew dessert lovers were craving more frozen fruit offerings, without the sugar overload, and these convenient new Fruit Pops do just that, in all five juicy, delicious flavors.”

Available in strawberry, coconut, lime, mango and pineapple options, Halo Top Fruit Pops come in a box of six that retails for $4.79 and can be found in the freezer section of grocery retailers nationwide.