Happy Family Organics debuts Nutty Blends

Happy Family Organics’ baby food products are expanding.

New to the brand’s portfolio are Nutty Blends, purees that combine peanut and tree nut butter with familiar fruits.

Developed with pediatric allergists, the product looks to offer parents a convenient way to include peanuts and tree nuts in their children’s diets, the company said.

“My oldest son had his first allergic reaction to peanuts at 7 months old,” Anne Laraway, CEO of Happy Family Organics said. “When my second son was born, I wanted to be able to introduce him to peanuts and tree nuts as a baby, early and often, and in my case, without putting my older son, who has severe food allergies, at risk. I take this line very seriously, and it is my hope that these products can help all parents who are looking for a way to introduce or include allergens in their baby's diets.”

Each pouch contains 1 g of peanut or tree nut protein blended with fruits for a texturally-appropriate format for babies, the company said.

Available in four flavors — bananas and peanuts, apples and walnuts, bananas and almonds, and pears and cashews — the pouches retail for $1.99 each.