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Hershey sets its sights on better-for-you confections


Hershey has its sights set on entering the better-for-you chocolate category.

To do just that, the brand is unveiling the newest range of products that fall within the space and aims to deliver consumers with reduced sugar, as well as organic and plant-based options.

Long-term strategies the brand plans to incorporate include offering portion-controlled treats in various pack types, revamp its existing portfolio to expand choices available, partner, with brand to co-develop new offerings and evaluate its pipeline of acquisition opportunities, the company said.

“We are the leader in U.S. confection, and our consumers rely on us to understand their needs for everyday moments, seasons and special occasions, offering high-quality and great tasting candy that's accessible for everyone,” Kristen Riggs, the chief growth officer at Hershey said. “Expanding our expertise, building new capabilities and delivering more choices in better-for-you confection is the next big category opportunity for us to lead.”

In addition, the company is joining forces with ASR Group to co-lead an equity investment in Bonumose, a start-up that focuses on products that contain plant-based food ingredients, including rare and natural sugars, the company said.

“We are setting the foundation for long-term sustainable growth in the better-for-you category at Hershey,” Hershey President, U.S. Chuck Raup said. “Everything we do is led by our consumers and our commitment to deliver only the most delicious snacks.  We are driven to provide more choices to ensure they enjoy our brands and products in ways that are right for them.”

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