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Higi’s Health Guide program looks to help control blood pressure

The Health Guide program is delivered via Higi’s nationwide network of nearly 10,000 FDA cleared free to use self-screening Smart Health Stations, as well as home health devices and digital and mobile tools.
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Consumer health engagement company Higi is unveiling its Health Guide program.

The launch of this new program follows the company’s previous announcement of a partnership with the American Heart Association’s Center for Health Technology & Innovation Innovators’ Network in November 2020.

Offering solution-focused and personalized actionable opportunities for the improvement of blood pressure, the Health Guide program is an enhancement of the existing Higi platform and is delivered via its nationwide network of nearly 10,000 FDA cleared, free-to-use self-screening Smart Health Stations and home health devices. 

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The Health Guide program provides easy-to-use access to best-in-class science from the American Heart Association via the Association’s CarePlans, which provides participants with information based on self-selected health topics, and actionable guidance designed to help them better manage their blood pressure, the company said. 

For participants who feel they lack the time, knowledge or resources to address their risk factors, the program looks to help them better understand and manage hypertension, as well empower users to take action to work toward improved health.

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As part of Higi’s ongoing work to meet consumers where they are in their healthcare journeys, this new program delivers affordable, quality healthcare that’s accessible to all, the company said. 

“With over 64% of last year’s blood pressure screenings on our platform indicating hypertension risk, it was incumbent upon us to provide additional support and guidance to the millions of people using our platform,” Higi CEO Jeff Bennett said. “Over the past few years, we’ve focused on enhancing our platform capabilities to enable consumers to gain a better understanding of their personal health risks and providing educational tools to empower them to address risk factors.”

According to data collected by Higi in an earlier iteration of the program, nearly 60% of participants had blood pressure readings in the hypertensive range, yet only 28% had received a hypertension diagnosis from a healthcare professional and only 39% self-identified as actively working to better manage their blood pressure.

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“On behalf of our platform users, as well as our retail healthcare, health plan, health system and community partners who care for them, we were determined to develop a scalable solution that goes beyond identification to focus on digital chronic condition management allowing the consumer to monitor, understand and work toward improving their health,” Bennett said. “For those healthcare and community partners, this new tool can provide a cost-effective and accessible means to monitor lower risk populations as well as identify indicators of risk and effectively triage into higher touch solutions, which we can facilitate through our clinical network.”

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