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News and information on homeopathy products, merchandising and trends in retail pharmacies.

Focus On: Time to shine for Hyland's

As demand for natural and homeopathic medications rapidly increases, Hyland’s has positioned itself at the forefront of many of these segments.

EM Brands, Rritual win at ECRM’s virtual Whole Body & Mind Wellness session

EM Brands won the Drug Store News Buyers’ Choice Award and Rritual was a finalist at ECRM’s Whole Body & Mind Wellness virtual session.

Ray Petrick, vice president of sales at Boiron USA, spoke with DSN about how retailers can continue to build sales and profits in the self-care category by properly merchandising and promoting the section.

Flexmore and Flexmore PM are designed to use natural active ingredients to tackle arthritis pain while also allowing the product to be taken with other medications, as there are no known drug interactions or side effects. 

Monq’s collection of roll-on essential oil blends are available in three options — focus, relieve and sleepy.

Earth Mama’s Organic Throat Smoothie Tea. contains such ingredients as elderflower for immune support, marshmallow root and slippery elm bark.

SaltWorks is expanding its line of Ultra Epsom Scented Bath Salt products. The Woodinville, Wash.-based company has added a eucalyptus variety to its portfolio, which is handcrafted with its USP-Grade Ultra Epsom salt and all-natural eucalyptus oil, the brand said.

Thanks to a confluence of factors the category, formerly reserved for health food stores or upscale natural retailers like Whole Foods Market, is quickly moving into traditional mass retail outlets.

NEWTON SQUARE, Pa. — Boiron on Monday named Janick Boudazin as president and CEO.

“There is a rising awareness of homeopathy happening nationwide,” Boudazin stated. “Healthcare professionals, especially pediatricians and nurses, are embracing natural medicines more and more. Consumers are looking for safe, natural and reliable choices when it comes to treatment options for themselves and their family members. Homeopathic medicines fulfill this important niche.”

LONG BEACH, Calif. — TJL Enterprises on Wednesday introduced Tummy Calm, a natural gas relief remedy for infants and children. The homeopathic remedy provides relief of stomach aches and the accompanying gas, bloating and cramping, the company said.

AMITYVILLE, N.Y. — Drug maker Hi-Tech Pharmacal has bought a line of homeopathic nasal spray products from Dynova Labs, the company said Thursday.

Hi-Tech announced the acquisition of Sinus Buster and Allergy Buster for $1.25 million and an addition $1.25 million that it will deposit in an escrow account. The company also will pay Dynova a royalty on net sales for up to three and a half years or up to $1.75 million. The products, which Hi-Tech will sell through its Health Care Products over-the-counter division, had sales of $3.3 million in 2011.

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