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News and information on homeopathy products, merchandising and trends in retail pharmacies.

Homeopath to success: Homeopathic products go mainstream

Thanks to a confluence of factors the category, formerly reserved for health food stores or upscale natural retailers like Whole Foods Market, is quickly moving into traditional mass retail outlets.

GSK, Pfizer close joint venture

Pfizer and GlaxoSmithKline have closed their joint venture to combine their respective consumer healthcare businesses and form the world’s largest over-the-counter business. This new venture will operate as the new GSK Consumer Healthcare.

Hamacher Resource Group’s new product team reviewed 178 products that were introduced in June, choosing five with earning potentials that stood out.

The chain took home the American Association of Homeopathic Pharmacists' Integrative Medicine Award from its recent Quality and Safety Summit, which was held at the end of June in Baltimore.

As interest in ear care topics increases, so does the opportunity to merchandise products that can help consumers find solutions.

The Relief Products launched four ointments that aim to provide nighttime eye relief from such common ailments as pink eye, blepharitis, eye fatigue and allergies.

Physician’s Choice unveiled a turmeric supplement that is made with naturally sourced curcuminoids, boswellia and ginger, the company said.

Quest Products has introduced the ProVent Hemp Patch for pain relief and ProVent Wart Remover with natural botanicals.

Homeopathic products no longer represent a niche category as they grow in their acceptance from consumers and their sales.

With the homeopathy category continuing to grow, companies are rolling out new products to meet demands of consumers increasingly seeking alternative products.

Boiron USA, the Newtown Square, Pa.-based OTC manufacturer that is gaining traction with retailers and consumers across the country as it broadens product portfolio.

This month, Drug Store News’ Retail Excellence Awards recognize the exceptional leaders in their field who are disrupting the OTC world.

While the formulas of the Boston-based supplier remain unchanged, the remedies have been artistically carried into the 21st century with this modern take on the original packaging design.

Standing out in a crowd.

That is pretty difficult when it comes to the natural products segment among HBC brands. With the category growing at steady double-digit rates for at least the last five years, a large number of suppliers have entered the market, all hoping to grab their fair share of this burgeoning segment.

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