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New Chapter says goodbye to bulky powders with Clinical-Strength Superfoods

The Clinical-Strength Superfoods line consists of capsules that contain herbs, the company said.
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New Chapter is simplifying the way consumers obtain their basic desired nutrients.

The latest from the Vermont-based vitamin and supplement brand is the Clinical-Strength Superfoods line, which consists of capsules that contain herbs.

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Available in four options, consumers can choose from:

  • Eleven Times Concentrated Superfood Tumeric: Featuring full-spectrum potency it supports cardiovascular health and is regeneratively farmed;
  • Twelve Times Concentrated Superfood Holy Basil: Containing a full-spectrum potency, it supports healthy immune function and provides apoptogenic side benefits; 
  • Twelve Times Concentrated Superfood Ginger: Made with a full-spectrum potency, it works to help inflammation balancing, and contains regeneratively farmed ginger for recovery and muscle support; and 
  • Five Times Concentrated Superfood Ashwagandha: Made with five times concentrated extract, it works to aid mental and physical stress relief and mood support, and has a clinical strength adaptogen to improve well-being and boost adrenal function.

In addition, the brand also has debuted two new Superfood Mushrooms products:

  • Superfood Mushroom Reishi: Made to help the whole life cycle, it also supports vitality and is formulated for absorption; and 
  • Superfood Mushroom Lion’s Mane: Designed to aid the whole life cycle, it also works to support mental clarity and is formulated for absorption.

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New Chapter’s Clinical-Strength Superfoods and Superfood Mushrooms products are available for purchase online.

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