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How IMMUSE™ Inspires & Empowers The Immune System’s “Key Leaders”
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How IMMUSE™ Inspires & Empowers The Immune System’s “Key Leaders”

Immune health is powered by a complex system that’s essential to the quality of life. It’s comprised of a variety of immune-specific cells, each with an important job and unique role. To be effective, these cells must work together, like an orchestra. To perform at their best and as a team, they need the right leader to inspire, energize, and properly direct. 

It’s time you meet plasmacytoid dendritic cells (pDCs) – the “Key Leader” of the immune health system. These important cells secrete more interferons than any immune cell type, which signals molecules that trigger the activation and production of various immune cells, including natural killer (NK) cells, B cells, and T cells. 

How can we inspire those pDCs to be effective leaders?

It’s called IMMUSE™, the first commercially available dietary and food ingredient shown to activate these highly influential cells. Backed by 30 studies, IMMUSE™ is a pure, non-GMO, allergen-free, and patent protected dietary supplement postbiotic ingredient that can stand alone or be combined with any number of ingredients for added health benefits, including more comprehensive immune support. 

What makes IMMUSE™ different? 

IMMUSE is a unique, patented strain of lactic acid bacteria (microorganisms commonly used in food fermentation) scientifically known as Lactococcus lactis strain Plasma (or LC-Plasma). It activates multiple types of immune cells for more comprehensive year-round immune support.

LC-Plasma is the first bacteria strain clinically shown to activate pDC cells. Once activated, pDCs signal the stimulation of other key immune cells involved in innate and adaptive immune responses. Clinical research shows that IMMUSE™'s novel mechanism of action helps to get multiple immune cell types ready to perform their specialized roles, providing comprehensive and balanced immune support that does not overstimulate the immune system.

IMMUSE™ is a “Postbiotic” 

Most of us are familiar with probiotics, the live microorganisms (mainly bacteria and yeasts) that help maintain a healthy population of microbiota (or flora) living in the gut. But it’s important to remember that IMMUSE™ is a postbiotic, not a probiotic.

Postbiotics, like IMMUSE™ are an exciting flourishing category of biotics shown to provide health benefits throughout the body. They are different than probiotics, in that they are not living microorganisms. Rather they are nonviable microbial cells that provide health-promoting properties and help to prepare your body’s natural defense system to protect your physical health.

How IMMUSE™ Works 

A large portion of the immune system is housed in the gut. More specifically, the small intestine. In fact, there are more immune cells in the small intestine than any other tissue in the body.

Microorganisms (intestinal bacteria), on the other hand, thrive in the large intestine. Most common lactic acid bacteria (probiotics) aim to restore a healthy balance of microflora in the gut by delivering live bacteria to the large intestine, indirectly enhancing immune health.

IMMUSE is the cutting-edge postbiotic (non-viable bacteria) designed to strengthen your body's defense system by directly activating pDCs, mainly located in the small intestine.

When taken, IMMUSE makes its way through the GI tract to the small intestine where specialized M cells pick up the small particles and transport them. The small particles of IMMUSE directly activate pDCs, stimulating multiple types of immune cells, which then circulate throughout the body, strengthening overall immune defense from the inside out.

Where You Can Find IMMUSE™ 

IMMUSE™ is a key component of a fortified immune system, ready to help proactive consumers strengthen their immune health year-round. Discover clinically proven products that you can recommend to your patients that contain this cutting-edge IMMUSE™ ingredient here

IMMUSE™ is an award-winning postbiotic for immune health.

Pioneers in the development and application of patented fermentation technology, Kyowa Hakko is a part of the Kirin group, one of the largest beverage and pharmaceutical holding companies in Japan and around the globe widely recognized as a leader in fermentation for over 110 years. The company is focused on research, developing innovative new products, and quality management. Kyowa Hakko has many other branded ingredients, including Cognizin® citicoline for comprehensive cognitive health.


*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.


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