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HRG’s Wendland to present CE for McKesson ideaShare

Wendland will present a CE session titled, “Add Shelf-Life to Your Business: Recommended Practices for Pharmacy Inventory Management.”

Dave Wendland, vice president, strategic relations, and member of the HRG owner group, will be presenting a continuing education session, “Add Shelf-Life to Your Business: Recommended Practices for Pharmacy Inventory Management,” for the upcoming McKesson ideaShare conference, June 23-26, in New Orleans, La. 

Due to the popularity of the topic, the CE session will be presented twice on Sunday, June 23, and a recording of the presentation will also be available for viewing after the event. The session will help independent pharmacies unlock the secrets to efficient and effective pharmacy inventory management and encourage pharmacists to systematize their approach to managing their most important asset.

Wendland shared, “Because an independent pharmacy’s biggest investment is inventory, it’s important to manage it effectively. I’m honored to present this topic to put a spotlight on the impact that inventory has on a pharmacy’s operation — from behind the counter to the front-of-store. My goal is to remind pharmacists that managing cash flow and investing inventory wisely has a direct impact on the bottom line.”

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The CE will cover these learning objectives, among others:

  • Identifying critical factors related to inventory management.
  • Methods for inventory control and establishing reordering thresholds.
  • The significance of technology in enhancing inventory management.
  • The financial implications of effective inventory management practices.
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