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Innovative sports nutrition products from leading brands

New and innovative launches include Hotshot for Muscle Soreness Sports Shot, That’s It Keto Kick bars and Force Factor Total Beets.
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While athletes of all levels, from elite participants to fitness enthusiasts, made their own adjustments to their workout routines in 2020, the barrier that could indiscriminately hold any of them back from their daily routine was muscle soreness, said Matt Wohl, president and CEO of Cliff-Cartwright, based in Wellesley, Mass. “It was a frustration we knew we could help with by leveraging Hotshot’s scientific approach to treating nerve-based issues with on-trend all-natural formulations.”

 Current soreness products on the market manage muscular causes of soreness, but Wohl noted there is a portion of next-day pain that’s nerve based and generally untreated. Building off its core Hotshot science, the company will launch the Hotshot for Muscle Soreness Sports Shot this fall.

Wohl described the new product as an all-natural, non-GMO, NSF Certified sport formulation. “This uniquely addresses nerve-based soreness, giving athletes a new tool to keep their daily workouts on track without unnecessary delayed onset muscle soreness holding them back,” Wohl said. 

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That’s It 
Keto Kick coffee energy bars are the latest offering from Los Angeles-based That’s It. As its name implies, the energy bar was created for those following the keto lifestyle. The limited ingredient, low calorie, low carb bar contains 95 mg of caffeine derived from fair trade Ethiopian Arabica coffee beans and organic dates. The bars also include FiberSmart organic soluble tapioca fiber powder, organic garbanzo beans, sea salt, organic cacao and vanilla.

Each gluten-free 20 g bar is also USDA Certified Organic, non-GMO, kosher and free from 12 allergens. That’s It founder and CEO Lior Lewensztain said the bar was formulated in response to the increased demand from keto followers looking for plant-based snacking options with clean labels. 

“As consumers resume their activity levels, they are looking for on-the-go snacking options that fit their lifestyle,” Lewensztain said.


Force Factor
Total Beets is a new line of beet-based formulas from Boston-based Force Factor. Available in powder, soft chews and tablets, Total Beets is said to support blood flow, energy, stamina and endurance. The line launched in Walmart this June.

Total Beets features beetroot powder and beetroot extract, blended with antioxidant-rich grapeseed extract. Force Factor’s Joe Herne said beet supplements appeal to users looking for heart healthy products. 

“Consumers are continuously seeking better ways to boost energy and improve heart health, but those two goals are often incompatible given that the energy segment is mostly dominated by stimulant-based solutions,” he said. “Beets are stimulant-free and already well regarded as a food to address both concerns, but prior to our launch, there had not yet been a brand that resonated with consumers.”

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