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Intuity Medical partners with HealthHavenRx online pharmacy platform

By enabling an online pharmacy solution, people with diabetes can now obtain POGO Automatic online in addition to physical pharmacy stores.
pogo medical
pogo medical

Intuity Medical is partnering with HealthHavenRx, an online pharmacy platform that is intended to enable a new, convenient channel for patients to access POGO Automatic by using their health insurance on Intuity Medical’s e-commerce website.

The FDA-cleared POGO Automatic Blood Glucose Monitoring system is the first and only automatic blood glucose monitoring system on the market offering easy-to-handle, all-in-one and discreet glucose testing, the company said. 

This partnership combines Intuity Medical's existing e-commerce platform with HealthHavenRx's sophisticated online pharmacy services. By enabling an online pharmacy solution, people with diabetes now have another convenient option to obtain POGO Automatic online in addition to physical pharmacy stores.

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“People living with diabetes require seamless access to their supplies. HealthHavenRx has transformed the distribution process for healthcare innovators like Intuity Medical, enabling them to focus on what they do best: creating life-changing solutions. Our 50-state pharmacy platform makes getting those innovations into the hands of the patients who need them easier,” said Yinka Ojutalayo, CEO of HealthHavenRx.

HealthHavenRx's online pharmacy platform helps patients avoid the hassle of driving to physical pharmacies, waiting in lines or coordinating prescription pickups, the company said.

People with diabetes interested in acquiring POGO Automatic by using their insurance and having the product delivered to their home can do so in just a few steps:

  • Fill out a short form providing information on their physician and health insurance. Intuity and HealthHavenRx carefully protect private and sensitive patient data in secure, HIPAA compliant platforms.
  • Prescription requests are automatically delivered to their physician for approval and to their health insurance provider through HealthHavenRx’s online pharmacy platform.
  • Customers are informed where their prescription is along the process. They also will receive POGO Automatic training videos, blog articles and answers to commonly asked questions.

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"Our vision is to make all aspects of life easier for people with diabetes, and that includes providing a seamless way for them to access our e-commerce platform using their insurance,” said George Zamanakos, CEO and president of Intuity Medical. “Our online pharmacy brings many benefits for people with diabetes, including 24/7 access, shipping to home, auto refills and ongoing education. We’re very excited to partner with Health-HavenRx and make this vision a reality.”

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