Jenny Craig further develops Walgreens collaboration

Jenny Craig is getting a jump start on New Year’s resolutions with plenty of announcements.

For starters, the Carlsbad, Calif.-based company announced that it would be expanding its footprint nationally by opening 100 Jenny Craig at Walgreens locations nationwide in such markets as Dallas, Houston, Philadelphia and Phoenix among others.

In addition to expanding its partnership with the retailer, the company also is launching two new programs — Jenny30 and Simple60 — as well as a DNA Decoder Plan.

The DNA kit analyzes 15 different markers to help provide insight into a member’s individual genetic traits, particularly those that impact weight loss, and provides information on how the body processes nutrients and insight into the metabolism, sleep quality, eating behaviors and response to exercise, the company said.

"Jenny Craig is proud to offer customized solutions that take the guesswork out of weight loss and fit the individual needs of our members, down to the genetic level, so that they can find a plan that works with their unique makeup and lifestyle," Jenny Craig CEO and president, Monty Sharma said. "We know that in a recent survey, nearly half of the weight loss consumers we polled want to utilize their DNA to create a customized weight loss plan. In order to help our members improve weight loss outcomes, we are offering our DNA Decoder Plan for free in our Simple60 offering."

Also coming in 2020 is the brand’s new ad campaign, which features members who have found success in its programs.