Jif packages peanut butter in a squeezable pouch

Jif is giving consumers a new way to indulge in their favorite peanut butter.

New from the Orrville, Ohio-based company is its Squeeze Creamy Peanut Butter, which comes in a squeezable pouch.

Perfect for measuring accurate amounts in recipes, no knife or utensils are needed when snacking, the company said.

“Jif lovers enjoy their Jif in a variety of ways — in smoothies and snacks, as a key ingredient in cooking and baking, or even eating it ‘straight up’ with a spoon,” Rebecca Scheidler, the vice president of marketing for the Jif Brand said. “With our new squeezable pouch, we're making it even easier and quicker for Jif lovers everywhere to get their Jif fix. No more ‘peanut butter knuckles’ when you're trying to get the last ounce of goodness from the bottom of the peanut butter jar – No knife. No spoon. No problem!”

Available in a 13-oz. pouch, Jif’s Squeeze Creamy Peanut Butter will be available online and at retailers nationwide beginning in July.