Laffy Taffy intros bite-sized Laff Bites

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Laffy Taffy intros bite-sized Laff Bites


Laffy Taffy is transforming its stretchy, fruity and chewy candy, as well as the included jokes on every wrapper, to a new smaller size.

New from the Chicago-based company are Laff Bites, which are bite-size, dual-textured poppable treats that also feature its signature jokes on every package.

“We're thrilled to welcome Laff Bites into our Laffy Taffy family of products this year,” Katie Duffy, vice president of marketing at Ferrara Candy, said. “The brand has always been known for a fun-to-eat taffy experience, and with Laff Bites we are offering a unique, poppable candy experience — our beloved taffy in the center with a crunchy shell. Laff Bites provides a twist on the classic Laffy Taffy candy that fans can share with friends and family to bring more ‘laffs’ into their daily lives.”

Featuring a combination of its well-known taffy with a candy-coated shell, Laff Bites are available in four flavors — cherry, strawberry, green apple and blue raspberry.

Currently, Laffy Taffy Laff Bites are available at mass market, grocery and convenience stores across the nation in a 2-oz. size that retails for $1,29, a 4-oz. for $1.49 and a 6-oz. for $1.69.