Luxardo debuts canned cocktails

a can of soda

Luxardo, an Italian liqueur producer, is launching a line of canned cocktails.

Made with unique tasting notes to create both flavor and a refined finish, new beverages from the company include:

  • Aperitivo Spritz, which contains 10% ABV and features such botanical and citrus notes as orange zest, as well as sparkling water and natural flavors;
  • Bianco Spritz, which has 10% ABV and contains a dry, light and bitter taste. Formulated with bitters, sparkling water and natural flavors, it features such notes as grapefruit zest; and
  • Sour Cherry Gin and Tonic, which contains 10% ABV and the sour, fruity aroma of marasca cherries with juniper.

“For 200 years, Luxardo’s legacy has prioritized consumers. Our family recipe has been sipped by kings, sold on the Titanic and has created an elevated experience for cocktail lovers into the 21st century,” said Matteo Luxardo, export director. “The canned cocktail market has been rapidly growing in the last year, and it only made sense for Luxardo to introduce its classic recipes in the format that supports the modern consumers' needs for any on-the-go occasion.”

Available in packs of four, consumers can find Luxardo’s canned cocktails at select Whole Foods Market and Total Wine locations across California, Texas, Arizona, Colorado, Connecticut, Minnesota, Missouri, Massachusetts, Maryland, New Jersey, Louisiana. Nevada, Washington, Kentucky, Michigan, Illinois and Indiana.