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Maison&Muse roll out fragrances for cars and households

Maison&Muse is hitting the U.S. market with two product lines—car fragrances and cleaning products.
maison&muse car
maison&muse car

Maison&Muse, a female-led brand known for its fragrances, is hitting the U.S. market with two product lines—car fragrances and cleaning products. 

The scents are inspired by iconic women from history, the brand said. The car fragrance range for both men and women includes four fragrances: 

  • Marilyn: Features notes of wild vanilla and caramel; 
  • Whitney: Made with guava and elderflower scents; 
  • Audrey: Contains a blend of blackberry and French vanilla notes; and 
  • Afterdark: Made with bergamot citrus and Amberwood.

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Priced under $7 with up to 60 days of fragrance longevity, the matte black vent clips for the car help neutralize odors without overpowering or highly artificial scents, the company said. 

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maison&muse cleaning range
maison&muse cleaning range

“We are thrilled to bring Maison&Muse’s exceptional range of products to the U.S. market, fulfilling a long-standing goal for our brand,” shared Renee Stuart, founder and COO at Maison&Muse. “Our desire is to change people’s habits and inspire them to use fragrance daily to enhance their mood, space, and mental wellbeing. Our mission is to turn every product experience into a visceral and elevated sensory one to elevate everyday moments. With the launch of our car fragrance range and additional products to follow, we’re excited to share our passion for refined living with a wider audience.”

The second new product launch from the brand—cleaning sprays—kill 99.9% of common household germs while leaving behind a pleasant scent, the brand shared. 

Available in Multi-Purpose, Kitchen and Bathroom options, fragrances include:

  • All Purpose – Zaha: Made with fresh citrus lime and French pear notes; 
  • Kitchen – Whitney: Contains a tropical layer of guava scents infused with elderflower berries; and 
  • Bathroom – Amelia: Featuring a combination of aloe vera with the aromatics of eucalyptus. 

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The  Cleaning Spray range, retailing for $4.49 each, will be available at 1,800 Target stores nationwide. Consumers can find the Car Fragrance range at 1,600 Walmart stores nationwide, with Target availability coming in June. 

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