Midol debuts new look

David Salazar
Managing Editor
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Midol is rebranding with a new look and new mantra, hoping to resonate with consumers by bringing the brand's values to the forefront. 

Using the slogan “Live Life M-Powered,” officials at the Bayer Consumer Health U.S. brand said they want to give women the right to live period days just as freely as non-period days. The relaunch will include a new go-to-market strategy, including new packaging, a national digital campaign, and retailer activations in store and on e-commerce.

Officials of the Whippany, N.J.-based company said that the average woman spends 50 days a year treating period-related symptoms, but few treat them with a period-specific product that can provide multi-symptom relief of cramps, bloating, fatigue, headache and backache. The new strategy will help educate women to not have to survive their monthly period, they said. Rather, they can thrive every day of the month by taking care of their annoying period symptoms.

Most women have said that their period symptoms prevent them from daily activities like going to work or going to the gym, even preventing them from spending time with friends and family. “Having a deep understanding of who she is and what she is going through has enabled us to reinvent our brand to speak directly to her needs before, during and after her period,” said Lisa Tecklenburg, vice president/general manager of Bayer Consumer Health. “We want women to celebrate being a woman, and that includes the week she has her period because it is a sign of how amazing she is and of all the amazing things she can accomplish as a woman.”