Molson Coors rolls out USDA certified organic beer

a close up of a bottle

Molson Coors’ newest beer has been USDA certified.

Yes, that is correct. The Chicago-based company is debuting a new beer that has been certified organic.

Coors Pure is made with simple ingredients, and is a light lager with subtle malt sweetness and low bitterness with slight citrus hop notes, the company said.

“Coors Pure is the answer for beer drinkers who are looking for an organic, low calorie option without sacrificing the refreshment they know and love from Coors,” Marcelo Pascoa, vice president of marketing at Molson Coors said. “As we approach summer, more exercise enthusiasts are making their ways to parks and streets across the country, and we’re excited to introduce a beer that is the perfect refreshment for those who also try to live a healthier life.”

Containing 92 calories and 0 g of sugar per serving, Coors Pure is now available for purchase nationwide in 12 and 24 packs of slim cans, as well as single 16-oz. and 24-oz. cans.