Monq rolls out essential oil blends


Monq, a brand known for its aromatherapy and natural wellness products, is diving into new territory.

The Goodlettsville, Tenn.-based company is launching its new roll-on essential oil blend collection, which is available in three scents.

Diluted in a carrier oil blend, and ready for topical application, the products were created to elicit emotional responses and produce therapeutic benefits, the company said.

“With the addition of our new roll-on essential oil blend collection, Monq is realizing our vision to share aromatherapy anywhere. We are proud to be building from the foundation of our cornerstone product — the first personal aromatherapy diffuser — to make quality aromatherapy accessible for everyone. Roll-ons make it easy for new and traditional aromatherapy enthusiasts to enjoy Monq and all the benefits of topical aromatherapy,” Eric Fishman, CEO and founder of Monq said.

Each of the oil blends is available in three options, including:

  • Focus, which uses nootropic essential oils to help boost productivity, enhance vision, and help users achieve a flow state;
  • Relieve, which aims to help users obtain relief and recovery from discomfort, uses an immune-boosting blend and can be used to help soreness; and
  • Sleepy, which looks to help the mind and body relax, use such essential oils as lavender, petitgrain sur fleurs and bergamot, and can be used 30 mins before falling asleep.

Monq’s roll-on blends are formulated to be safe for the skin, and can be applied to the hands, wrists, neck and temples, the company said.