MyBite Vitamins unveils new visual identity

David Salazar
Managing Editor
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MyBite Vitamins has a new look. The Vancouver, Wash.-based brand has created a new campaign, inspired by its love of the outdoors, that highlights its mission of “Health, made happy.”

Company officials said the campaign is aimed at highlighting the flavor combinations MyBite is offering in the vitamin channel.The campaign centrally features a chocolate mountain, which is meant to evoke MyBite’s flavor profile. It will be featured on MyBite’s website and social media presence starting in April. 

Alongside the brand visuals, MyBite also introduced refreshed labeling, which make the bites themselves the central focus, drawing the eye to the appeal of chocolate and a caramel drizzle, the company said. “Our label refresh allows us to show off the flavor profile and ingredients that make MyBite unique and so innovative,” said Kate Jones, president of MyBite Vitamins.

The company’s products include Hers, His, Multi and Kidz multivitamin offerings, as well as Beauty Inside and Out, calcium, Energy, Sweet Zzzz and Immune supplements