NB Pure intros Immune+ supplement

Immune+ contains a blend of vitamins, herbs and antioxidants, including vitamins C and D, zinc and ashwagandha, the company said.
nb pure immune support

NB Pure is continuing to advance its efforts to help improve the lives of its consumers.

New from the brand is Immune+, a supplement containing a blend of vitamins, herbs and antioxidants.

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Made with a holistic formula, the product features several key nutrients including calcium, vitamins C and D, zinc, ashwagandha, quercetin, CoQ10, resveratrol, and reishi mushrooms among others, the Phoenix-based company said.

“These recent years have been enlightening for many people, in regard to their own health, the health of their loved ones and the germs lurking in every corner,” said Danna Pratte, CEO and owner of NB Pure. “Immune+ provides a daily immune system boost that not only provides stronger immunity, but is an essential addition for looking and feeling your best and a must-have for anyone who simply can’t afford to have an illness slow them down.”

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Designed to empower the immune system, the supplements also looks to help shorten the duration and severity of viral symptoms, as well as support respiratory, blood sugar, cardiovascular and anti-aging health, the company said.

Immune+, which is gluten-free, cruelty-free, non-GMO and made in the United States, retails for $38.98 online at nbpure.com, Amazon.com and at The Vitamin Shoppe.

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