Nellie's Free Range Eggs expands into new categories

Nellie’s Free Range Eggs is giving consumers several new ways to enjoy its free-range egg products.

The Monroe, N.H.-based brand is launching three new products that keep with its commitment to humane farming practices, the company said.

New additions include:

  • Nellie’s Free Range Butter, which contains 84% butterfat, is made with cream from grass-fed cows that are free to roam on pasture. Available in sea salted and unsalted options at $3.99, it features a soft and creamy texture;
  • Nellie’s Free Range Sous Vide Egg Bites, which are Certified Humane, do not contain fillers. Available in uncured ham and Swiss, broccoli and cheddar, and uncured bacon and pepper jack flavors, the egg bites retail for $3.99; and
  • Limited Edition Free Range Traditional Eggnog, which will be available at select retailers beginning this fall, is made using Certified Humane free-range egg yolks. It is free of antibiotics and RBSTs, and retails for $4.49.

“Whether it be eggs or any other product found in the grocery store, we remain committed to both the humane treatment of animals and supporting small family farms,” Jesse Laflamme, CEO of Nellie's Free Range Eggs, said. “Not only will consumers love the taste of our new products, but they can also feel confident that our farmers maintain a stringent standard of practices to ensure the animals, and those who care for them, are treated humanely and with respect.”