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Neuro Brands debuts probiotic, kombucha hybrid


Neuro Brands is combining the benefits of probiotics and kombucha together in one drink.

The Los Angeles-based company’s new Probucha beverage is a lightly carbonated probiotic drink flavored naturally with Meyer lemon and ginger.

“We are delighted to be launching Probucha online and in stores nationwide,” Neuro Brands CEO Diana Jenkins said. “Probucha is an amazing addition to our growing line of drinks, each meeting a unique need for our customers."

Designed in the style of kombucha, the newly launched beverage contains probiotics derived from Bacillus subtilis, and is safe to store at room temperature, the company said.  

“Probucha is a truly unique product that was formulated to give our customers a wonderful aid to their digestive health, while actually tasting great," Jenkins said. “We are truly thrilled to bring one of the only few shelf-stable live probiotic drinks to the market, especially for those individuals who desire better digestive health, but don't want a traditional kombucha beverage.”

Other ingredients found in Probucha include ginger curcumin, apple cider vinegar and fermented kombucha tea.

Probucha can be found on and at Walmart stores nationwide. Additional retail locations carrying the beverage will be announced at a later date.

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