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  • 7/18/2023

    Precious Mineralz debuts new skin care line

    precious mineralz

    Precious Mineralz has announced the debut of its Out of Mountains skin care line, which consists of seven products. The brand touts the use of halloysite, a nanotubular clay famous for its tubular shape, to create products designed to enhance skin health naturally.

    The company said this invisible ingredient contains anti-aging ingredients delivered to the skin’s cellular level with time-release properties. Unique to the industry, halloysite products are ethically and responsibly formulated (clean), sustainable, vegan, cruelty-free and in recyclable containers. 

  • 7/17/2023

    Freshie cools down summer with USDA-certified tequila seltzers

    freshie teaser

    Freshie is putting a twist on the ready-to-drink cocktail aisle with the launch of its beverages.

    The organic canned tequila seltzers, which are USDA-certified, contain 99 calories per serving and come in three flavors — lime, grapefruit guava and blood orange habanero.

    Founded in 2016 by husband and wife duo Ryne and Paige Iseminger, the beverages are made utilizing four ingredients — Blanco tequila, sparkling water, lime and agave nectar, the company said.

    Consumers can find Freshie’s caned tequila seltzers available for purchase in Illinois, Atlanta, Florida and Georgia.

  • 7/12/2023

    Campbell’s debuts gluten-free cooking soups

    Campbell’s Condenses Gluten Free

    Campbell’s is launching two gluten-free cooking soups—cream of mushroom and cream of chicken.

    The gluten-free cream of chicken soup contains fresh cream and chicken meat free from antibiotics, while the gluten-free cream of mushroom soup contains mushrooms, garlic, fresh cream and no preservatives, the company said.

    “Answering the question of what’s for dinner’ can be challenging for those trying to avoid gluten,” said Gary Mazur, vice president of marketing, soup and broth at Campbell Soup Company. “Through these new offerings, we’re excited to have our iconic soups help address dietary needs and create even more mealtime moments.”

    Consumers can find the Campbell’s Condensed Gluten Free soup line available for purchase at retail shelves nationwide for a suggested price of $1.99.

  • 7/6/2023

    Snickers adds butterscotch scoop to flavor lineup

    Snickers butterscotch scoop

    There’s a new flavor joining the Snickers family — butterscotch scoop.

    Inspired by the classic butterscotch flavor, the limited-edition bar combines milk chocolate, peanuts and caramel with a butterscotch-flavored nougat.

    “At Mars, we are always looking for new ways to excite long-time Snickers fans, especially through innovative new flavors,” said Martin Terwilliger, senior marketing director at Mars Wrigley. “With Snickers butterscotch scoop, were offering a new format to enjoy a classic flavor, ushering in the summer season to help fans create moments of everyday happiness.”

    Consumers can find Snickers’ limited-edition butterscotch scoop flavor exclusively at Walmart in s single size and stand-up pouch with fun-size bars.

  • 7/12/2023

    CV Sciences unveils Daily Balance Tinctures

    daily balance

    CV Sciences, the makers of +PlusCBD, is debuting Daily Balance Tinctures.

    The product is the latest addition to their recently launched wellness line, Daily Balance.

    The tinctures provide a daily supplement that contains the benefits of CBD, THC and other cannabinoids in their purest form, CV Sciences said.

    With 2000 mg of CBD Oil, the company noted that this is +PlusCBD's most potent formula.

  • 6/30/2023

    Tattoo skin care brand Mad Rabbit expands distribution to Walmart

    mad rabbit teaser

    Mad Rabbit, a brand known best for its tattoo skin care products, is launching its products onto Walmart shelves as part of its omnichannel retail strategy.

    Beginning in mid-August, the brand’s products will be available at 1,860 Walmart stores across the nation.

    The retailer will offer the Tattoo Balm Stick, Soothing Gel, Daily Lotion, Numbing Cream and SPF 30 Sunscreen.

    In 2022, the brand launched its products in 1,200 GNC locations and received a $10 million investment, which included Lucas Brand Equity and Mark Cuban.

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