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  • 11/6/2023

    GNC opens apothecary-designed flagship store in Pittsburgh

    gnc strip district

    GNC has opened a new flagship store located in the Terminal Strip District in Pittsburgh. 

    Designed with an elevated and interactive shopping experience in mind, the location carries the retailer’s science-backed products, as well as sports performance supplements, weight loss solutions and other wellness items, the company said. 

    “Our flagship store is a reflection of GNC’s rich history and commitment to Pittsburgh,” said Nate Frazier, chief operating officer at GNC. “As part of our focus on creating a cutting-edge omnichannel experience through a customer-centric lens, we are proud to bring this seamless shopping approach to provide exceptional products and solutions that help our customers Live Well.”

    Located at 1918 Smallman Street Pittsburgh, PA 15222, the store is the retailer’s 21st location in the Pittsburgh area, bringing its total storefront count in the nation to 2,313. 

  • 11/6/2023

    Heinz combines tangy pickle flavors with classic ketchup

    heinz pickle ketchup

    There’s a new condiment from Heinz hitting shelves. 

    Pickle Ketchup, which combines the tangy and savory flavor of pickles with its classic ketchup,  was inspired by the classic pairing of ketchup and pickles on hamburgers and hot dogs. 

    “Increased desire for tasty, yet unexpected condiments has served as our innovation north star for the last several years,” said Katie Peterson, director of Heinz Innovation at The Kraft Heinz Company. “The current pickle craze in America mirrors the irrational love Heinz fans have for the brand, so it only made sense for our newest ketchup to blend these two beloved tastes together.” 

    Heinz Pickle Ketchup will begin rolling out on retail shelves beginning in 2024. It is currently being distributed across select retailers in the United Kingdom. 

  • 11/3/2023

    Nestlé Carnation launches dairy-based creamer

    Nestlé Carnation Creamer

    Nestlé Carnation is debuting a new line of dairy-based creamers with Spanish and English on the packaging. 

    The new Coffee Creamer collection is a real milk creamer that is inspired by the brand’s history and comes in two flavors—sweetened original and zero sugar original. 

    “Now more than ever coffee lovers are looking for high quality coffee creamers that won’t break the bank. Our latest Carnation coffee creamer innovation combines real milk with the iconic flavor of Carnation, to deliver a great taste at an affordable price,” said Leonardo Aizpuru, Nestlé vice president of brand marketing for the beverage division and business unit

    Consumers can find the new Carnation Creamer is available for purchase in a 32-fl-oz. bottle that retails from $2.99 to $3.49 at select Walmart and grocery retailers and will expand its availability beginning in January 2024. 

  • 11/3/2023

    Salon Perfect simplifies makeup brush cleaning via No-Rinse Makeup Melt

    Salon Perfect’s No-Rinse Makeup Melt Brush Cleaner

    Salon Perfect is rolling out its new professional-grade makeup brush cleanser. 

    The No-Rinse Makeup Melt Brush Cleaner works to remove makeup, bacteria, buildup, oil and dirt in minutes without leaving behind any residue, and it does not need any rinsing or water, the brand said. 

    Suitable for synthetic or natural bristles, the product features a formula that is vegan, cruelty-free and free of parabens, as well as contains a soft rose scent. 

    To use, brushes can be lightly dipped into the solution and then removed immediately to saturate the brush. Then each brush must be swirled on a microfiber towel to be wiped clean. 

    Consumers can find Salon Perfect’s No-Rinse Makeup Melt Brush Cleaner is available for purchase at Walmart stores and online. 

  • 11/2/2023

    Ocean Spray cuts artificial sweeteners in Zero Sugar line

    ocean spray zero sugar

    Ocean Spray is debuting a new line of beverages that contains no artificial sweeteners. 

    The Zero Sugar Juice Drinks feature 0 g of sugar and come in two flavors—cranberry and mixed berry, the brand noted. 

    “From full flavor blends to refreshing diet and now bold zero sugar, Ocean Spray is committed to developing product innovations that continually meet the needs and desires of consumers who are seeking out more options for their juice drink,” said Trinh Le, vice president of Next Generation Beverages and omni-channel marketing at Ocean Spray. “We’re excited to be the first brand to introduce this new innovative product in the shelf stable aisle and continue our legacy of beverage innovation.”

    Made with real fruit juice and sweetened with stevia, Ocean Spray Zero Sugar Juice Drinks are available at grocery stores and Walmart stores across the nation. 

  • 11/1/2023

    Coffee mate rolls out Iced Coffee collection

    coffee mate iced coffee

    Coffee mate is letting consumers take on the role of barista with its new line of beverages—Iced Coffee. 

    Available in French vanilla and caramel flavors, the line features smooth coffee that is balanced with the indulgence of its well-known liquid creamers. 

    “Enjoying cold coffee year-round has become a ‘personality trait’ for many coffee drinkers who are choosing iced over everything,” said Leonardo Aizpuru, Nestlé vice president of brand marketing for the beverage division and business unit. “This growing love for iced coffee—especially among Gen Z—presented an ideal opportunity for Coffee mate to move beyond creamers for the first time in its 60+ years since inception. We’re excited to fuel our fans in a new way with a ready-to-drink iced coffee that gives consumers an easy, yet indulgent way to enjoy at home.”

    Consumers can find Coffee mate Iced Coffee at select retailers nationwide in a 50-fl-oz. bottle that retails for $4.99. 

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