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  • 3/4/2024

    BelliWelli’s 4-in-1 Powder helps promote digestive health

    belliwelli 4-in-1 powder

    New from BelliWelli is the 4-in-1 Powder, a gut-centric wellness powder that aims to help promote digestive harmony, the company said.

    The product is designed to support healthier hair, skin and nails. The powder does not contain artificial flavors or dyes and it is easily dissolved, the company noted. 

    The powder comes in yuzu mandarin, tropical breeze and cucumber lime cooler flavors, and features collagen, probiotics, electrolytes and dietary fiber.

    BelliWelli’s the 4-in-1 Powder is available for purchase online. 

  • 3/4/2024

    Versed launches Press Restart Advanced Retinol Body Butter

    versed press retart retinol body butter

    Versed is bringing the benefits of retinol to overall body care with its new Press Restart Advanced Retinol Body Butter. 

    The body cream is infused with texture-reforming retinol to help firm, smooth and even skin, the brand said. 

    The body butter features tripeptide for skin renewal and repair, and also contains tucuma and cocoa butter to moisturize skin. 

    Retailing for $21.99, Versed’s new Press Restart Advanced Retinol Body Butter is available for purchase online and at Target.

  • 2/29/2024

    Organic Olivia intros Flora-V


    Organic Olivia, founded by herbalist Olivia Amitrano, is looking to help women with their personal health concerns. 

    The brand has debuted its new Flora-V product, which is a probiotic that is formulated with super fruits and aids in supporting a healthy vaginal microbiome, the company said. 

    Made with Cranberex as a key ingredient, the product also helps in discomfort and imbalance and encourages normal pH, according to the brand. 

    Retailing for $49, Flora-V is available for purchase online.

  • 2/28/2024

    Oreo reimagines classic desserts with newest cookies

    oreo launches

    Oreo is adding two new flavors to its product family. 

    First up is the brand’s limited-edition Dirt Cake chocolate sandwich cookies. The cookies feature the brand's signature chocolate basecake with a layer of brownie crème flavor, a layer of chocolate crème and a wafer with crumb and gummy worm-inspired cookies on top. 

    Next up are the Tiramisu Thins, which contain its classic thin cookie with a layer of tiramisu crème filling. This launch is a permanent addition. 

    Both of Oreo’s launches will be available on store shelves beginning March 4. 

  • 2/26/2024

    Celsius intros Sparkling Raspberry Peach energy drink

    Celsius Sparkling Raspberry Peach

    Celsius is rolling out a new addition to its line of energy drinks—Sparkling Raspberry Peach.

    The new flavor features a sweet blend of raspberries and ripe peaches and sweet and tangy notes, the brand shared. 

    Made with seven essential vitamins and 0 g of sugar, Celsius’ new Sparkling Raspberry Peach beverage is available for purchase at locations nationwide. 

  • 2/23/2024

    Jergens broadens Melanin Glow product family

    jergens melanin glow for face

    After the launch of its Melanin Glow Illuminating Moisturizers in Gold and Bronze back in 2022, Jergens is welcoming a new product to the roster.

    New from the brand is the Melanin Glow Moisturizing Glow Enhancer for Face, which provides a pop of extra illumination for the face, the brand said.

    The product is formulated for all hues of melanated skin to help highlight focal points of the face and décolletage. Additionally, the product contains coconut water and hyaluronic acid, the company said. 

    Retailing for $10.49, Jergens’ new Melanin Glow Moisturizing Glow Enhancer for Face will be available for purchase at Target beginning the week of Feb. 25. 

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