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  • 3/19/2024

    Selena Gomez reportedly weighing sale of Rare Beauty

    selena gomez x rare beauty teaser

    According to reports, actress and singer Selena Gomez is weighing in on offers to purchase her cosmetics company, Rare Beauty. 

    The brand, which is valued at $2 billion, has reportedly hired financial advisors to help look at the interest from firms who are looking to potentially invest or acquire the company. 

    Neither Gomez or Rare Beauty have issued statements regarding the matter. 

  • 3/19/2024

    CVS Health CEO Karen Lynch weighs in on health issues on CVS Evening News with Norah O’Donnell

    cbs screenshot

    CBS Evening News managing editor and anchor Norah O’Donnell interviewed CVS Health CEO Karen Lynch about the state of healthcare in America and her new book Taking Up Space: Get Heard, Deliver Results, and Make a Difference.

    The following excerpt was provided by CBS Evening News:

    • O’Donnell: The Biden Administration came out with new rules that would allow the abortion pill, Mifepristone, to be sold at pharmacies instead of only being available at a doctor's office or a hospital. CVS stores are now carrying this. Was that a difficult decision to make?
    • Lynch: Our North Star is that we support women's health and that we are committed to making sure that women have access to reproductive health services, education, and FDA approved products. So that’s a decision we make because we know women need access to health.
    • O’Donnell: How big of an issue [have] been burglaries?
    • Lynch: It’s a problem for us. Organized retail theft is a big problem… They're mostly organized people that are doing it and they're coming in, they're clearing shelves off, and then reselling them.

    Watch here.

  • 3/18/2024

    Cremo unveils newest body wash fragrances

    cremo body wash

    Cremo is rolling out a few new fragrances in its men’s body wash collection. 

    Inspired by popular scents, the products are designed to cleanse and moisturize the skin, the brand shared. The new additions include: 

    • Golden Amber Body Wash: This body wash features a blend of red currant and pineapple, and also contains ambergris and moss; and 
    • Bergamot Black Body Wash: This body wash is made with a combination of bergamot, geranium and patchouli. 

    In addition to rolling out two new scents, Cremo also is showcasing a new size in it’s men’s body wash—32-oz.—that will be available in its Italian Bergamot, Palo Santo, Bourbon Vanilla and Vintage Suede scents.

  • 3/14/2024

    Sugarlash Society’s Cat Eye Starter Kit helps build voluminous lashes

    sugarlash society cat eye starter kit

    Sugarlash Society is helping consumers achieve soft and fluffy lash looks at home with its new Cat Eye Starter Kit.

    Featuring an applicator, lash glue and a sealer to help keep the lashes in place, the kit’s lash clusters are on a clear band that looks to blend seamlessly into natural lashes, the company said. 

    In addition, the lash glue is latex-free and the sealer is fragrance-free. 

    Retailing for $48, Sugarlash Society’s Cat Eye Starter Kit is available for purchase online. 

  • 3/15/2024

    Ritual helps support cortisol response with Stress Relief supplement

    ritual stress relief

    Ritual is rolling out its new Stress Relief product, which it says features BioSeries technology to help support the body’s natural cortisol response.

    Other notable ingredients in the supplement include Shoden Ashwagandha, Sunthranine L-Theanine and Saffron to help reduce stress, offer a non-drowsy sense of calm and promote a positive mood, the brand said. 

    Featuring a citrus essence, Ritual’s new Stress Relief product contains 30 servings and retails for $54 per bottle. 


  • 3/11/2024

    Ritz heats up Toasted Chips line with new flavors

    ritz toasted chips

    Ritz is adding two new flavors to its Toasted Chips line of snacks—sweet habanero and honey BBQ. 

    The new flavors are making their debut alongside the brand sharing that is also has been named an official sponsor of the 2024 NCAA Men’s and Women’s tournaments. 

    “We are putting all our chips on the NCAA March Madness tournament this year, and we’re thrilled to be back for our second year to share two, delicious new Toasted Chips flavors,” said Jennifer Sobolewski, Ritz Toasted Chips senior brand manager.

    As a sponsor for the tournament, Ritz will hold sweepstakes, fan activations and is working with Isaiah Thomas, a two-time All-Star and several other NCAA athlete ambassadors.

    “These flavors will spice up your game-watching experience whether you’re viewing the game at home or a friend's, casually snacking while checking your tournament brackets online, or even celebrating with us at Fan Fest in Phoenix, Arizona,” said Alex Neufeld, Ritz senior associate brand manager.

    Consumers can find Ritz Toasted Chips in sweet habanero and honey bbq at retailers nationwide with an SRP of $3.99.

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