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  • 3/26/2024

    Ardell Beauty launches press on lashes with built-in glue bonds

    ardell beauty press on lashes

    Ardell Beauty is shaking up the lash category with a new launch that comes pre-glued and ready for application. 

    The Press On Lashes from the brand, which come in Naked and Winks extension styles, come with a glue bond built into the band for a quick, easy and mess-free application, the brand said.

    Dubbed the 'Lazy Girl Lash,' the four underlash extensions offer up to four wears and come in 30 individual lash clusters in varying lengths, including natural or soft volume effects, the brand said. 

    The press on lashes from Ardell Beauty are now available for purchase online, as well as at CVS Pharmacy, Walgreens, Target, Ulta Beauty and Sally Beauty Supply. 

  • 3/26/2024

    Dove Chocolate releases new tiramisu caramel candies

    Dove Milk Chocolate Tiramisu Caramel Promises

    Dove Chocolate is debuting a new addition to its Promises line of sweets—chocolate tiramisu caramel. 

    Inspired by the Italian dessert, the candy features a tiramisu-flavored caramel center that is surrounded by milk chocolate. 

    “Dove Chocolate is committed to uplifting women and inspiring moments of everyday happiness for our brand fans,” said Martin Terwilliger, vice president, Mars. “The new Dove Milk Chocolate Tiramisu Caramel Promises intend to emulate the sentiment of the renowned Italian dessert Tiramisu, which symbolizes 'pick me up' or 'cheer me up,' with every decadent bite.”

    Dove’s Milk Chocolate Tiramisu Caramel Promises come in a stand-up pouch that can be found at retailers nationwide. 

  • 3/22/2024

    Oreo rolls out limited-edition churro-inspired cookie

    oreo churro

    Oreo is bringing the fried dough flavors of a classic churro to its classic cookies. 

    The brand announced the launch of its limited-edition churro cookies, which will be hitting retail shelves on March 27.

    The new flavor features fried dough flavored cookies with a churro flavored crème, the company said.

  • 3/22/2024

    Dove’s Serum Body Wash line targets specific skin conditions

    dove serum body wash

    Dove is bringing skincare solutions to the body care aisle with its new collection of Serum Body Washes. 

    The new launches come in nine different variants and feature the brand’s proprietary MicroMoisture technology.

    Available varieties include: 

    • Hydration Boost: This product features a 6% hydrating serum with hyaluronic acid to moisturize dry skin;
    • Acne Clear: This product contains a 1% clearing serum with salicylic acid to help prevent acne; 
    • Glow Recharge: This product is made with a 3% brightening serum that contains vitamin C;
    • Ultra Sensitive: This product features 10 ingredients that cleanse all skin types, including delicate skin types; 
    • Soothing Relief: This product is made with a 5% nourishing serum that contains colloidal oatmeal to help moisturize eczema-prone skin; 
    • Vitality Renewal: The 4% restoring serum with collagen aids in keeping skin firm and supple; 
    • Exfoliate Away: This product features a 4% refining serum that contains AHAs to polish skin; 
    • Melanin Even Tone: The 5% ceramide boosting serum is formulated with BHAs to restore natural tone; and 
    • Melanin Radiance: This product is made with a 5% ceramide boosting serum formula that contains nourishing oils. 

    Currently, Dove’s new Serum Body Wash line is available for purchase online at Amazon, Walmart and Target, and in stores at Target. 

  • 3/21/2024

    French pharmacy brand Laboratoire SVR makes stateside debut

    svr teaser

    SVR, a French pharmacy brand, is now available to shoppers in the United States. 

    Founded in 1962 by two pharmacists, the brand’s products are formulated to offer dermatological solutions for the whole family and support customers in their skincare journeys in order to feel more comfortable in their skin. 

    The products are tested and formulated without endocrine disruptors. The brand utilizes ingredients that are sustainable and more natural, the company said.

    SVR is now shoppable to U.S. customers at independent pharmacies and beauty stores, as well as Amazon and its own digital storefront.

  • 3/19/2024

    CVS Health CEO Karen Lynch weighs in on health issues on CVS Evening News with Norah O’Donnell

    cbs screenshot

    CBS Evening News managing editor and anchor Norah O’Donnell interviewed CVS Health CEO Karen Lynch about the state of healthcare in America and her new book Taking Up Space: Get Heard, Deliver Results, and Make a Difference.

    The following excerpt was provided by CBS Evening News:

    • O’Donnell: The Biden Administration came out with new rules that would allow the abortion pill, Mifepristone, to be sold at pharmacies instead of only being available at a doctor's office or a hospital. CVS stores are now carrying this. Was that a difficult decision to make?
    • Lynch: Our North Star is that we support women's health and that we are committed to making sure that women have access to reproductive health services, education, and FDA approved products. So that’s a decision we make because we know women need access to health.
    • O’Donnell: How big of an issue [have] been burglaries?
    • Lynch: It’s a problem for us. Organized retail theft is a big problem… They're mostly organized people that are doing it and they're coming in, they're clearing shelves off, and then reselling them.

    Watch here.

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