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  • 5/7/2024

    Lanolips expands Original 101 Ointment line


    Lanolips’ Original 101 Ointment is adding a hint of sweetness to its lip care products. 

    The brand announced the launch of two new balms—Raspberry Shortcake and Glazed Donut—which feature Aussie lanolin, an alternative to petroleum-based balms. 

    The ointments are made with lanolin, as well as vitamin E. The Glazed Donut 101 Ointment features a sugar glazed scent, while the Raspberry Shortcake 101 Ointment contains notes of raspberries with shortcake. 

    Retailing for $13.50 each, Lanolips’ new 101 Ointments are available for purchase at Ulta Beauty stores and online.

  • 5/7/2024

    Wheaties doubles down on protein in latest cereal

    wheaties protein

    Wheaties is doubling down on protein with the launch of its newest cereal—Wheaties Protein. 

    The cereal features 20 g of protein per serving and is available in maple almond and honey pecan flavors. 

    “Wheaties has honored world class athletes on our iconic orange boxes for more than 100 years and we are introducing Wheaties Protein to serve today’s modern athletes who are striving to be better everyday” said Nicole Ayers, business unit director for Wheaties. “We know people are looking for a boost of protein in the morning to help reach their goals and Wheaties Protein provides over 20 grams of protein in a delicious bowl of cereal that people can easily enjoy as part of their morning routine.”

    Wheaties Protein will first roll out to select Walmart stores and then broaden its distribution to retailers nationwide throughout the spring season. Additionally, the cereal will retail for $8.99 per box. 

  • 5/6/2024

    Murad releases Stress Less supplements

    murad stress less supplements

    Murad is looking to help consumers elevate their skincare regimens with new supplements aimed at improved hydration and stress levels. 

    The Stress Less supplements contain a blend of ingredients that support hydration levels necessary for healthy skin, the brand stated. 

    Ingredients in the supplements include hyaluronic acid, clinical-grade adaptogenic ashwagandha and L-theanine. 

    Murad’s Stress Less supplements retail for $30 and are available for purchase online. 

  • 5/2/2024

    ~Pourri intros Before-You-Go Potty Pods

    ~Pourri Before-You-Go Potty Pod

    Odor freshener company ~Pourri is broadening its portfolio with the introduction of its new Before-You-Go Potty Pods. 

    The 2-in-1 odor freshener and toilet bowl cleaner dissolves on contact with water and offers a plant-based solution to remove odors from the bathroom, the company said. 

    “Let’s face it, most toilet bowl solutions kinda stink—literally,” said Suzy Batiz, founder and CEO of ~Pourri. “Our goal with Potty Pods was to craft another product that incorporated our fan-favorite toilet spray to remove those funky bathroom odors and simultaneously keep the bowl clean while you're handling business. We couldn't be more excited to roll this out and continue our mission to leave the world {smelling} better than we found it!”

    ~Pourri’s Before-You-Go Potty Pods are available for purchase in 20-ct. containers that retail for $9.99 and 5-ct. packs for $5.99 online and at such retailers as Ulta Beauty and Amazon. 

  • 5/2/2024

    Kiss’ imPress, AriZona launch limited-edition nail designs

    AriZona x imPress Press-On Manicure collection

    Kiss’ imPress Press-On Manicure line is rolling out a co-branded collaboration with AriZona that features a limited-edition collection of nail designs inspired by the beverage line. 

    The AriZona x imPress line includes four styles that come with kits that include the nails, a prep pad, mini nail file and manicure stick. 

    The styles include Cherry Blossom, Original Lemon Tea, Watermelon and Fruit Punch. 

    “At imPress Press-On Manicure, we are always looking for brand partners who can help us to deliver exciting, on-trend designs,” said Kristin Giarrusso, global marketing director. “We are very excited to join forces with AriZona, because our companies are so aligned in our unwavering passion for quality, affordability, and consistent innovation… and we love that there is an unexpected element of surprise and delight with this partnership as well! Together, we are able to introduce a new fashion nail concept that inspires both beverage and beauty fans to express themselves while sipping their favorite drinks.”

    The AriZona x imPress Press-On Manicure collection retails for $9.99 per kit and is available for purchase online. 

  • 4/30/2024

    Neutrogena tackles acne with adapalene treatment

    Neutrogena .1% Adapalene Gel Acne Treatment

    Neutrogena is offering a new solution for consumers suffering from acne. 

    The brand is introducing its new Adapalene Acne Treatment, which is formulated with .1% adapalene. 

    The product’s formula works to help regulate skin cell turnover to keep pores from clogging while also targeting two primary causes of acne, the company said. 

    Additionally, the new product is free of fragrance, phthalates, dyes and oils, and can also be used to fade the look of acne marks over time. 

    Retailing for $29.99, the treatment is available for purchase on Amazon and at mass retailers nationwide. 

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