Bi-Lo Holdings to convert some Harveys to Winn-Dixie and vice versa


JACKSONVILLE, Fla. — Bi-Lo Holdings, parent company of Bi-Lo and Winn-Dixie supermarket chains, on Friday announced the decision to convert seven existing Harveys stores to Winn-Dixie stores and three existing Winn-Dixie stores to Harveys stores. These stores are part of the pending acquisition of 134 operating stores from Delhaize Group.

“We carefully evaluated the market areas around each store and made conversion decisions that we believe will work best for customers,” stated Randall Onstead, president and CEO of Bi-Lo Holdings. “Customers will not see any change to the level of quality they have come to expect from either banner.”

Last month Bi-Lo Holdings received approval from the Federal Trade Commission to proceed with the transaction to acquire the Sweetbay, Harveys and Reid’s supermarket chains from Delhaize Group pending the divestiture of 12 stores by Bi-Lo Holdings and Delhaize Group retaining two stores and converting them to the Food Lion banner.

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