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Dan Mack Elevation Forum presented during NACDS Marketplace


BOSTON The Dan Mack Elevation Forum held a special share-group meeting in Boston Sunday morning, at the Seaport Hotel.

Participants included Mike Pietsch of Carma Labs, Kirk Hodgdon of Bolin Marketing, Chuck Dushman of Omron, Jim Beghtol of Lil’ Drug Store Products, Nilda Oyola of Majestic Drug, Barbara Zamudio of Ulta Beauty and merchandising vet Rod Kautz — formerly of Rite Aid, now of Kautz Consulting.

Drug Store News associate publisher Wayne Bennett, a regular Dan Mack Elevation Forum participant, also was in attendance for Sunday's session, which focused on such topics as remaining relevant to retailers in the age of massive SKU rationalization efforts and utilizing social media outlets.

The discussion, which largely was focused around the broad theme of “retailer/manufacturer co-creation,” was moderated by managing director Dan Mack, and included a special presentation from Kautz on the Top 10 blind spots that derail brand marketers when engaging with their customers.

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